July 5, 2020

Ashh 101.1 fm

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National Paralympic Committee Ghana (NPC-Gh) donates items to sick members

National Paralympic Committee Ghana Secretary general have paid a visit to it’s sick members in the Ashanti Region to donate undisclosed items for them to recover fast.

It’s been a very long time I visited a Ashanti Region and as we know this particular region is one of the regions that develops Para Athletes who perform soo well in Ghana.

Coming to know Alhaji was not feeling well, I had to come and pay a visit to Alhaji Adrama Alhassan. He even used to be a coach to the young ones, so I really wanted to come and pay him a visit. Also, I heard Vida Antwi was not feeling well, I had to visit her as well.

Thirdly, I went to visit, the the Para Athletes in the region, I visited their facility in the stadium and had a meeting with them about how to take care and be Great Para Athletes for Mother Ghana .

Ghanaians should know I am also The Secretary General of Ghana Powerlifting in addition to me being Secretary of National Paralympic Committee

By Akakpo Agodji Ashh fm