UN Police Director praises Ghana Police’ excellent performance at peacekeeping missions


United Nations Police Advisor and Director of Police Division, Commissioner Luis Carrilho, has expressed satisfaction with the services and contributions of the Ghana Police Service at United Nations peace keeping missions.

Addressing the media at the Ghana Police Headquarters in Accra on Tuesday, Commissioner Luis Carrilho stated that the good works of Ghanaian policemen and women deployed in the United Nations Missions has globally been recognized and respected.

“Ghana police service is one of the main police contributing countries to United Nations Police, and the quality of the women and the men that serve in the united nations peace keeping operations, united nations special political missions is recognized and I came here to thank my good friend the Inspector General of Police, James, and also all the leadership for their continuous commitment”, he said.

The UN Police Advisor recounted his work missions as Police Commissioner in countries like the Central African Republic, and Haiti, where he had the opportunity to work with the Ghanaian Inspector General of Police, and some Ghanaian policemen and women deployed.

“Before being the Police Advisor, I was Police Commissioner in three United Nation missions… I served as individual Police Officer with Inspector General of Police, and recently I had the chance also to visit in South Sudan… and I can give public testimony of the excellent work Ghana police do for the people on the ground over the world,” he revealed.