Government has not taken us seriously – GMA

The Ghana Medical Association has accused the government of not taking their concerns seriously.

Monday, 11th November 2019

“We kept reminding the government about the expired conditions of service and they did nothing about it. Government has not taken our concerns seriously as we expected.

We sent the first reminder 6 clear months before the expiration of the previous document.

“We were mandated by our members to negotiate on their behalf and come back with the document in question. We have compromised on a lot of things.

The old document expired last year,” general secretary of the GMA Dr. Frank Ankobea stated .

The medical doctors have warned they will embark on strike by November 18 if their demand for new conditions of service is not addressed.

“A one-week window is hereby offered Government (MoH) that is, if by 1800 hours GMT on 17th November 2019, the Conditions of Service Document for Medical Doctors/Dentists working with the Ministry of Health and its agencies have not been signed off for implementation effective 1st January 2020,” national President of the Association Dr Frank Akobea noted at the association’s 61 annual conference in Northern Region capital, Tamale.

He stressed the government has refused to honour its pledge as agreed on the Document signed in September 2015.

On November 18, 2019 to 1st December 2019, he said, all Medical Doctors and Dentists working in the public sector will withdraw Outpatient Department (OPD) services.

“On December 2, all emergency services shall be withdrawn, he said, adding “from Monday, December 9, all services shall be totally withdrawn.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Kwapong, the acting CEO-Fair Wages and Salaries commission says they will meet the doctors before the budget is read.

“An emergency meeting will be convened before the budget is read so that GMA does not withdraw its services from next Monday. I’m very hopeful that the meeting will be held before the budget is read,” he noted