1D1F: 23 Factories in Ashanti Region -Ahomka-Lindsay


The Deputy Minister in- charge of Industry Robert Ahomka-Lindsay has revealed that 23 factories under the One District One Factory projects are going to be operated in Ashanti Region.

According to him out of 181 projects already on the drawing board, the 23 factories is in Ashanti Region. Aside from 22 of the 181 projects, which are under construction, the remaining projects are set to commence implementation before the end of 2019.

The remaining projects set to commence by the end of 2019 include small scale processing facilities, common user processing facilities financed from sources ranging from local private finance initiatives (PFIs), African Development Bank (AfDB) and CNB facility.

The 56 small-scale processing facilities will be owned by youth groups who will be trained to manage the facilities.

Among the 181 factories on the drawing board, 23 of them are in Ashanti Region, of which some are already existing while others have been categorized as new, Mr. Ahomka-Lindsay stated.

Speaking on Ashh Fm’s National Agenda on Monday, the Deputy Minister said the motive behind the projects is to create enabling environment for the private sector to grow. He said the government expects all the 181 factories to be running by the end of first term of the government.

The Deputy Minister also emphasizes that, none of the factories is fully owned by the government.

‘’ in Ashanti Region among the 23 factories includes, Oil Palm Processing at Bekwai , Rice Processing Plant at Sekyere South ,Production of Fertilizer Factory at Asante Akyem Central , Maize Grit at Sekyere Central, Cassava Starch Factory at Ahafo Ano- South District among others’’

According to Mr. Lindsay, there were many misconceptions that the 1D1F programme is a state enterprises project; but explained that what government meant to do was to support the private sector to establish enterprises.

“They are owned by the private sector. In fact, the President was very clear that it was going to be led by the private sector. He explained that, Government is not very good at managing businesses but interested in expanding and refurbishing the existing ones.

The One District One Factory 1D1F initiative is a key component of the government’s Industrial Transformational Agenda.

The ‘One District One Factory’ initiative is designed to support the establishment of industrial enterprise in each of the 216 Districts as promised by the New Patriotic Party ahead of its 2016 election victory.

Sources: myashhfmonline.com